URSA will receive a 40% commission of the retail price for any artwork that is purchased with the remaining 60% going to the artist. All payments due to the artist will be paid within 7 days after the closing of the month and an account statement will be provided to the artist with payments.


This agreement is between URSA and the consignor and is in effect for 3 months or as long as URSA and the consignor agree to. Any unsold items remaining at the end of the contract are to be returned by mail or retrieved by the artist on last day of the agreement term. If URSA wishes to keep an artist's work in the store beyond the terms of this contract, a new consignment agreement will need to be signed by both parties. Both parties may also make a verbal agreement to extend this contract and its terms. Artists maintain ownership of all consigned work until it is sold.


Any items that are shipped to URSA will be done so at URSA’s expense. All shipments will be insured and have delivery confirmation for tracking purposes. URSA is not responsible for any items lost or damaged during shipment.
All reasonable efforts will be made to protect consigned artwork in the store from damage, breakage or theft. URSA will provide liability insurance for accidental damage, breakage or theft.
Consignors can receive payment via check or online through Paypal

Consignor agrees not to sell or exhibit work within 1 mile of URSA’s location to insure that URSA maintains a unique
collection of work. If the consignor decides another space within that radius is a better fit for them we ask that they give 48 hours to arrange for the removal of their work.

Consignor agrees to give URSA permission to use images of any displayed artwork in advertising and marketing materials such as, but not limited to; website, flyers, Instagram, and Facebook.  Any artist can request or retrieve their work at any time during the contract term with a 48 hour notice. URSA reserves the right to remove works from the store for any reason at any time.
It will be the consignor's responsibility to determine if entering into an agreement with URSA would violate any agreements between consignor and any other party.

URSA will be responsible for all WI state sales tax on behalf of the consignor sold at URSA.

All modifications, deletions, or additions to this agreement must be written and signed by both parties, with the exception of a verbal agreement to extend the contract. This agreement shall be governed by and in accordance with the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

If interested, please e-mail shopursa@gmail.com or contact here to request consignment agreement form

Thanks so much for your time and we hope to hear from you soon!