Highland Ridge Decor - Wild Flower Tea Towel

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These tea towels add that perfect soft touch to your kitchen, while still working hard!

These are the perfect size to fold and display in a table setting or hanging over your oven. They are medium weight and lint-free so it works as a delicate napkin or as an absorbent clean-up cloth. (YES, they are *absorbent!*)

Cloth measures 18 inches long and 22 inches wide, with slight variations in size

We design our own art and have these printed with a soft, watercolor ink at our small local screen printer in Leoma, TN.

Key Features:

  • Soft Watercolor Ink
  • Soft White Fabric
  • 100% Cotton, made from recycled yarn
  • Printed in the USA on ethically-traded towels sewn in Turkey by a small female-owned business
  • Fabric: Light Weight
  • Thread Count: T110