Ana Barroso Porto - Terrazzo Oval Tray - Large Stones

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Real hand picked sand and sea shells decorative multipurpose trays to brighten your home and give it more character.

100% Natural & Eco-friendly materials.

These trays are perfect to keep your jewellery, cosmetics, keys, as candle holder or small plant pot base. You can use thrm as coasters for your drinks or as a unique way to serve a snack when you have special guests. They look great in any house and any room, and they are so unique :)

*Made in Portugal using only sustainable and eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. Hand mixed, poured, sanded and sealed in my workshop in Porto.

Each piece has Portuguese Cork at the bottom for extra protection. Cut and labeled by hand.

*Each piece is unique, sometimes colour, pattern and size may vary. Bubbles and small wholes in the dishes are normal, and a highlight of their unique features.

*Care instructions: Clean with a damp cloth, do not submerge in water. If stains of strong contaminants such as wine or coffee occur, wipe them off immediately. Avoid using cleaning products, it may damage the surface. Do not wash in the dishwasher.