Zouz - Incense Cones - Sunol

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Oakmoss a lichen, aka Evernia Prunastri, grows on oak trees in California and many other parts of the world. It has historically been used in perfumery for hundreds of years, and was mixed with talc to fragrance powdered wigs.

While not technically a moss, it's a trade name, (and fragrance note) that has stuck around for centuries. Further complicating matters, for nearly 100 years, synthetic "Oakmoss" fragrance has grown in popularity to the point where today the majority of products labeled "oakmoss" are made in a lab.

We like oakmoss as an incense ingredient because it evokes campfire smells, dewy rolling hills, and peaceful feelings. Its a fragrance that stays around for a while after burning. To us it is an immediately recognizable fragrance, and a welcoming one. We named this blend Sunol, after a local village near where we grew up in the east bay of Northern California.

Ingredients: Oakmoss, Lavender, and Bay Laurel
3" x 3 " Box contains 8 hand rolled cones

All Natural Hand Rolled Cones. Non Toxic, No Charcoals or Burning Accelerants Used. Small Batches Handmade in USA. Cones stay lit and burn straight through.