Familiar - Sub Rosa Herbal Milk + Oat Bath

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Rachael of FAMILIAR was inspired to create this bath while looking at beautiful flowers hung to dry. The latin phrase sub-rosa, meaning “under the roses”, is used in english to describe a meeting in secret- and comes from the idea that anything of value should be discussed in the presence of a rose. In Greek lore, Aphrodite gave the rose to Eros, who gave it to Harpocrates, the God of Silence, symbolizing the necessity for secrecy in certain amorous affairs- we don't kiss and tell.
But. In our day and age, hardly anyone keeps secrets anymore. Social media, cell phone usage and the need to be constantly plugged in discourages the idea that anyone should have anything just for themselves. Rachael’s hope is that Sub Rosa will remind you to do that meaningful work of pausing to care for yourself once in a while. Use Sub Rosa during those times you need to nurture your heart. Be quiet, for a little while, with the roses.
Enclosed in glass with a metal lid, containing pulverised flowers and flower oils such as rose, lavender & geranium, milk powder and ground organic gluten-free oats to soothe and nourish the skin, and infused with Reiki healing.

Made in Milwaukee by FAMILIAR


Product description from FAMILIAR MKE website