Luna Norte - Aura Slice Gemstone Necklace - Carnelian

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This necklace features a dazzling faceted chain and a unique, faceted Carnelian pendant. Its rich, energizing hues emanate a sense of vitality. The Carnelian pendant, known for its dynamic properties, is the heart of this creation. This gemstone is celebrated for fostering vitality, motivation, and creativity. Revered as a beacon of inspiration, Carnelian is believed to ignite curiosity, uncover hidden talents, and amplify one's pursuit of success. It is also associated with boosting self-esteem, bravery, and resolve. More than a mere accessory, this necklace is a vessel of inspiration and empowerment, ideally suited for those who desire a blend of aesthetic charm and a surge of positive, life-affirming energy. Style Details: Genuine Carnelian 14KT Gold Plated Brass Layered necklace length: 16" plus 2" extender chain