Luna Norte - Aura Slice Gemstone Necklace - Limon Quartz

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This necklace features a shimmering faceted chain adorned with a captivating, freeform, faceted Limon Quartz pendant. The pendant radiates a light spectrum, showcasing vibrant colors that catch the eye. The heart of this necklace is the enchanting Limon Quartz, renowned for its success, abundance, and empowerment attributes. Often referred to as the stone of prosperity, Limon Quartz is believed to energize motivation and inspire creativity and self-expression. This necklace is more than a beautiful accessory; it symbolizes personal growth and prosperity, perfect for those seeking to enhance their style with a meaningful and powerful gemstone. Style Details: Genuine Limon Quartz 14KT Gold Plated Brass Layered necklace length: 16" plus 2" extender chain