Little Seed Farm - Matcha + Argan Face / Body Bar Soap

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Enriched with the skin superfood combo of organic Matcha Green Tea and organic cold pressed Argan Oil, this is a powerfully transformative soap. Matcha's abundant antioxidants calm skin, reducing inflammation and redness and protect from free radical damage, while Argan Oil replenishes and smoothes skin with vitamins A & E.

Use As: Facial Cleanser, Body Wash

Recommended for: Combination Skin, Mature Skin, Acne Prone Skin

4.75 oz.

Ingredients: virgin organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, grassfed goat's milk, organic argan oil, sodium hydroxide, organic matcha powder, organic geranium essential oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic peppermint essential oil, organic rosemary essential oil.