Solar Noon Botanicals - Summer Skin Face Mist

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This refreshing face mist is a blend of four, skin-loving, flower hydrosols with a touch of witch hazel and aloe. Hydrosols are the result of steam distilled fresh, organic plant material. The resulting substance contains the plant's volatile oils as well as the cellular water from the living plant. This very special cellular water is imbued with nutritious minerals and fatty acids, making it ideal for skin care. This gentle mist has a mid-range pH, making it suitable for all skin types. It is also a great substitute for those that find toners too harsh for their skin. Summer Skin face mist can be used all year but is quite refreshing on a hot summer day (especially when kept in the refrigerator!). ORGANIC. Ingredients: Lavender hydrosol*, Rose hydrosol*, Calendula hydrosol*, Helichrysum hydrosol*, Witch hazel*, Aloe*, Leucidal (natural preservative derived from radish root). Directions: Spray on face and body as desired.   
Made in United States of America