Familiar - Flora & Fauna Herbal Tallow

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This is a luscious and nutrient-dense moisturizer. Tallow as a beauty and bath product is ancient. More recent applications of vegetable-based moisturizers were only normalized by availability of industrial machinery and commercial and international farming. Animal fat was found on the family homestead in multiple practical ways, including as a moisturizer or even in candles. Plus, tallow itself is more closely aligned with healing human skin because it comes from animals, and we are animals after all. Tallow & sebum share many of the same lipids. It’s thought that it is this similarity that allows tallow to absorb deep within the layers of the skin.

Grass fed tallow is loaded with vitamins A, D & K and antioxidants like vitamin E, known to promote rejuvenation of the skin by fighting ‘free radicals’ that can cause wrinkles.

Tallow is remarkably healing to blemishes, dry patches, psoriasis and uneven distribution of sebum, and creates and environment that balances itself over time instead of relying on the product for daily maintenance.

Infused with healing herbs such as lavender, rose and calendula, this powerhouse moisturizer is lightly scented without added fragrance and jam packed with all the benefits those florals provide.

Excellent for sensitive, dryness-prone skin or as a first aid application for small cuts, scrapes and burns in need of some soothing. Apply small amounts as needed after bathing or sauna – a little goes a long way!

2 oz.

Made in Milwaukee by Familiar