Familiar - Forest & Field Salve

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Formerly known as White Pine salve, this new and improved recipe is brimming with live plant infusions from the forest and field!

Tree resin blend (pine, frankincense & piñon)- heal and protect skin that is cracked, delivering minor first aid with a pleasant piney aroma

Cottonwood bud- infused & aged for one year- relieves muscle & joint pain

Saint John’s wort aerial parts- relieves skin irritation & nerve pain

All infused in a nourishing blend of apricot, jojoba and olive oils with just a touch of essential oils to round out the complex, resinous scent.

Salve comes in a recyclable, reusable tin. 

No artificial fragrance, perfumes, or ingredients ever!

**This is not medicine and I am not a doctor, we do not prescribe, treat or cure disease. No website comment or social media share should be considered health advice. You are responsible for consulting a medical professional before trying any new herb or remedy mentioned in the website or any related forum. Stop using if irritation occurs!

2 oz.

Made in Milwaukee by FAMILIAR


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