MADE IN Jewelry - Fishbone Necklace

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This delightful necklace is perfect for those who love anything aquatic related. The spiky bone is from the pectoral fin of a fish and was originally found in Argentina in 2014. The fishbone is cast in solid brass. This edgy pendant hangs from a 20” antiqued brass rolo chain. This necklace looks amazing on either men or women and makes a great gift.

The items you find in my shop are nature inspired by my travels. I love to create molds from the unique items I have found during my trips. I then manufacture beautiful jewelry pieces that I hope will bring joy to my customers for years to come.

Item Details:
- Necklace
- Brass pendant
- Cast from a real fishbone
- Pendant length 1.25"
- 20” antiqued rolo chain
- Unisex
- Handcrafted

Care Instruction:
To keep your special piece of jewelry looking its best, use a jeweler’s polishing cloth to gently clean it.