Olive Wood Butter Spreader

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This butter spreader is also a great tool for slicing soft cheese and can also be used as a spreader for butter, jams, and jellies! Olive wood is a hard wood, making it very dense and durable for everyday use. It is nonporous, so no germs or odors are retained. All products are made from a single piece of wood- they are seamless and no two pieces are alike. 

To care for the wood, hand wash with soap and water, then coat with olive oil or mineral oil often. 

7” long.

Natural OliveWood is a family-owned business that handcrafts kitchenware from non-productive olive trees. Born and raised in Sfax, Tunisia, brothers Hatem and Walid Alimi learned the art of carving the trunks of olive trees as children. Today, the Alimi brothers (and family) produce naturally beautiful kitchen products, all boasting the distinct swirling patterns of the trees’ twisted trunks. Nonporous by nature and coated in a protective layer of olive oil, Natural OliveWood products are safe and sustainable.